About Cobra Mobile

"in game development, implementation and execution is everything"


Cobra Mobile are an international game developer and publisher based in Dundee, Scotland. Cobra is a multi-Award winning and multi-BAFTA nominated studio who develop and publish amazing games for Mobile, Messaging, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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In the beginning

Founded in 2005, Cobra Mobile has always created amazing games. Originally from 2005 to 2008 Cobra produced games for Java based mobile phones. Cobra made some really great games and had some awesome partners, including TT Games, LEGO, Codemasters and Player X. Whilst we kinda liked Java, Cobra always felt that Mobile gaming could be so much more.

All change

When the iPhone and the App Store arrived in 2008, Cobra we're there at launch. Cobra's early iPhone games included, Numba, Mouse About and our first break-out hit game, Low Grav Racer.

In early 2009, Cobra released the original iBomber game to huge success and have never looked back. Cobra have created an amazing catalogue of games, partnered with the best in the world, won multiple awards, business commendations, had 5 BAFTA nominations and continue every year to make original, compelling games and fun to play games like Red's Kingdom, Let's Go Run Around and of course, iBomber.

In game development, implementation and execution is everything. Cobra are continually focused on making everything they do, the best it can be.

Cobra's primary focus is on mobile but Cobra have also been successful in developing and publishing on Steam, Mac App Store, SmartTV (i.e. Roku and Apple TV), Amazon App Store and Nintendo Switch.

Cobra have worked and partnered with some of the best in the world, including; Apple, TT Games, WB, LEGO, DC Comics, Valve, EA, Chillingo, Roku and Amazon.

Cobra's games include,
  • Towers of Everland
  • Red's Kingdom
  • let's Go Drop
  • Cobi Golf Shots
  • Storm in a Teacup
  • Cobi Hoops 2
  • Cobi Arrows
  • Cobi Summer Sports
  • Cobi Shoot
  • Cobi Darts
  • Cobi Hoops
  • Let's Go Run Around
  • iBomber Winter Warfare
  • Let's Go Rocket
  • iBomber 3
  • Pocket Garden
  • iBomber Attack
  • iBomber Defense Pacific
  • iBomber Defense
  • iBomber / iBomber 2
  • Mouse About
  • Numba / Numba HD
  • Low Grav Racer / Low Grav Racer 2
  • Fore!
  • LEGO Star Wars Micro Fighters
  • LEGO Chima Tribe Fighters
  • Cobi Busters
  • Cobi Checkers