The power behind our games

All our games are developed and powered with our own tools and technology

Cobra Game Engine

Cobra has developed and built it's own multi-platform tools and technology suite, enabling Cobra to deliver games content far quicker and more efficiently onto any desired platform.

This enables Cobra to;

  • Greatly reduce production timescales and costs
  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce reliance on external sources
  • Be adaptive, flexible and highly responsive

Cobra's Game Engine allows Cobra to prototype concepts and ideas very quickly and then to seamlessly move into production.

Cobra's Game Engine also allows Cobra to quickly and efficiently target new platforms as they arrive and incorporate updated platform features/developments as and when they happen in relation to market opportunities.

Cobra Game Engine is perfect for 2D and 3D games and includes;

  • Level Design Editor
  • Animation Tools
  • Rendering
  • Lighting
  • Scripting
  • Skin animations
  • Instanced Rendering
  • Post Processing Effects
  • Systems (physics, audio, billing, social, messaging, etc.)
  • Object avatar system
  • Import/Export to all popular formats
  • Seamlessly work and integrate with 3rd party tools
  • Platform Frameworks

Cobra Game Engine is very mature, flexible, robust and highly production proven. It's overall development has been a large on-going investment and has allowed Cobra to make sure it's products are all as optimised as possible for whichever platforms it is supporting.