The power behind our games

All our games are developed and powered with our own tools and technology!

Cobra Game Engine

All Cobra Mobile's games are designed, developed and built with the Cobra Game Engine. This bespoke and powerful technology suite has allowed Cobra to create all of its amazing games and is one of the pillars of Cobra's creative ability. Cobra’s Game Engine is a multi-platform tools and technology suite that allows Cobra to deliver games content faster and more efficiently onto any desired platform. It's pretty cool stuff.


  •  Runs on many platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Browsers, Smart TV, etc.
  •  Asset database which handles importing and optimisation of game assets
  •  Asset database exports optimised versions of assets for target platforms


  •  Integrated editor which contains everything needed to make a game
  •  Cross platform, custom UI system
  •  Realtime scene / level editor
  •  Particle editor
  •  Model / Animation editor
  •  Animation timeline editor with integrated Audio


  •  Simple node based scene, 2D and 3D
  •  Integrated Audio and Physics, 2D and 3D
  •  Live update of newly created Node types in editor
  •  Easily extensible


  •  Rendering backends DX11, OpenGL, OpenGLES & Metal
  •  Deferred renderer with physically based rendering (PBR)
  •  Forward renderer with multiple dynamic lights


    Cobra's engine comprises of many "Systems": Audio, Rendering, Game, Purchase, Achievements, etc.
  •  Can easily add new custom system to support any third party libraries and tools.
  •  Can quickly add new platforms as new devices arrive.

    Cobra's Game Engine allows Cobra to prototype concepts and ideas very quickly and then to seamlessly move into production.

    The Cobra Game Engine is very mature, flexible and highly production proven. It's overall development has been an on-going investment and has allowed Cobra to make sure it's products are all as optimised as possible for all the platforms it is supporting.