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Welcome to Cobra Mobile

Award winning studio...

Cobra are a multi-Award winning and multi-BAFTA nominated game development studio. We're honoured that we've been nominated for (and won!) a whole host of awards for our work.

At Cobra we're all about making great, fun games you'll want to play today and play tomorrow - we love creating worlds and characters for players to explore and get lost in.

We create games for a range of platforms, that includes - Mobile, Steam, Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, Console and more...

We've created a wide range of hit games, including Towers of Everland, Red's Kingdom, Let's Go Rocket, Storm in a Teacup, Backgammon Now!, LEGO Star Wars: Micro Fighters and the amazing iBomber game series, to name a few...

If you're going to play - play something fun today!

Focus on making fun...

We love to focus on making games fun; on getting the core game mechanic just right and keeping the player engaged and rewarded.

We love to create rich worlds that players can jump into and explore. We’re always thinking about new ways to harness game mechanics to excite and entertain.

Todays players want games that suit their mood, whether that's a one minute snack-gaming experience or an hours long intense session. We make games to cover all these needs and more.

Our wide portfolio of original IP has games that fill any gaming itch. From an hour long puzzle quest in Red's Kingdom to a few minutes of target practice accuracy in Cobi Arrows, we have you covered.

Platforms and more...

At Cobra we're not just all about Mobile, we also develop games for a wide range of other platforms. These platforms include - Steam, Nintendo Switch, Console, Smart TV and more...

Whether publishing ourselves or working with a trusted partner, we always bring fun, excitement and a ton of playability to our games.

If you like what we do, and you'd like to know more about how we could help you with a project or help you turn an idea into an award winning product, please get in touch.

Cobra Games

Play Now

Red's Kingdom

Award Winning Puzzle Adventre!

Towers of Everland

Awesome Adventure and Epic Combat!

Backgammon Now!

A quick and awesome way to learn and play

iBomber Defense Pacific

Award winning tower defence action!

Storm in a Teacup

Magical platform game action!

Let's Go Rocket

How far can you fly?

Cobi Hoops 2

Basketball, Puzzle Fun!

iBomber Winter Warfare

Now play the otherside!

iBomber 3

Let's go blow stuff up!


Match 3, puzzle action with numbers!

Cobi Golf Shots

Quick fire, arcade Golf action!

Let's Go Run Around

Run, jump and play like never before!

Let's Go Drop

How far can you fall?

Cobi Arrows

What can you score in 30 seconds!

iBomber Winter Warfare

Now play the otherside!


The original bomb dropping adventure!

iBomber Attack

Blast your way around Europe!

iBomber Defense

Awesome Tower Defense!

Cobi Darts

Play Darts against your friends

Mouse About

Can you feed the hungry mouse!

Cobi Shoot

Arcade shooting fun!

Cobi Summer Sports

Get ready to run, jump and compete!

Cobi Hoops

How many baskets you can score?

Pocket Garden

Puzzle matching and garden sorting fun!