Cobi Arrows - Press Kit

Game Details

  • Game Title : Cobi Arrows
  • Release Date : 13th April 2017
  • Platforms : iMessage and iOS
  • Price : Free (with in-app purchase)
  • Rating : Everyone
  • Developer/Publisher : Cobra Mobile
  • Social Media : Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Media Contact :


    Games in iMessage are pretty awesome, I mean who doesn't like playing with friends! But where do I find iMessage games on my iPhone again?
    What you need is a great, fun, and challenging little game which lets you play it like a normal everyday App but will also easily lets you send scores and challenges to your friends through iMessage when you want to get a game on and throw out a challenge!

    So grab your bow and take aim! How many points can you score in 30 seconds?

  • Hold your nerve and shoot for the bullseye!
  • Adjust your aim for distance and wind!
  • Hit all the pop-up targets!
  • Take the Watermelon challenge!
  • Become a Dartboard Master!
  • Score a Bullseye to gain extra time!
  • Game on!

    Game Features

  • iMessage and iOS game
  • Play in iMessage or play just like a normal App
  • Send your scores and challenges from iOS to your friends via iMesage
  • Characters to unlock
  • 5 initial game modes
  • Game updates will add new game modes, characters and challenges!

    About Cobra

    Cobra Mobile are a game developer and publisher based in (sunny) Dundee, Scotland. Cobra is a multi-award winning and BAFTA nominated studio who develop and publish amazing games for Mobile, Steam, Mac and Smart TV.

    Cobra has created a wide range of smash-hit games, including the totally awesome iBomber game series, the multi award-winng Red's Kingdom, Cobi Hoops, Storm in a Teacup and LEGO Star Wars Micro Fighters to name a few.

    Game Assets

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