Cobra Mobile Privacy Policy for Towers of Everland

Last updated on: 5th June, 2023

This privacy policy applies to Towers of Everland (the “Game”), developed and published by Cobra Mobile.

Cobra Mobile does not collect, use or have access to any personal data from the Game. Cobra Mobile does not disclose any personal data to any third parties as it has no access to any personal data.

Cobra Mobile will have access to gameplay data only, which does not contain any identifiable personal data. The gameplay data allows Cobra Mobile to access details of achievements and leader boards. The gameplay data is not stored or received on Cobra Mobile’s servers, but is stored in your iCloud account storage to sync your game progress across devices. If you are signed in to Game Center on your Apple device, Apple will receive your gameplay activity, including scores and achievements.

The following game play data is stored in iCloud:
  • Status of game progress

The following gameplay data is sent to Game Center:
  • Status of unlocked achievements and leaderboard achievement data.

Children may play our game and we limit our data collection and use to persistent identifiers to support the internal operations of the game. If you are a parent, you can decline to have data collected from your child by turning off iCloud for our game from within your iCloud settings and signing your child out of Game Center. If you wish to request deletion of the information we have collected, please contact us at

We do not share data with any third party to use for that third party’s own purposes. As explained above, for all users we use iCloud to store your gameplay data, and send data to Game Center to track achievements. We may share data if required by law or necessary to comply with a court order, or other legal process.

You may decline to store data in iCloud or to send data to Game Center. To turn off iCloud data storage, you must turn off iCloud storage for our game within your iCloud settings. As a result, you will only be able to play in single player offline mode. To stop sending data to Game Center, you must sign out of Game Center in Apple Settings. As a result, you will not appear on leaderboards.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, or wish to request deletion of the information we have collected, please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to us at Cobra Mobile Limited, Unit 22, City Quay, Camperdown Street, Dundee, DD1 3JA, UK or by emailing us at,